Published on November 13, 2012, 2:42 pm

With new federal police station, airport passes to issue passports

With the installation of the new post of Federal Police at the International Airport of Viracopos, Campinas, which once stood in the neighborhood of Guanabara, it is estimated that the deadline for scheduling the passport is reduced to 15 days. Before the wait time was 2 months.

The capacity will be a hundred passports issued per day whilst taking emergency requests. The operation will be from 10h to 19h, without closing for lunch, aiming to increase productivity.

The administrative part of the new headquarters of the Federal Police already working on site since June.

The unit will have 20 outsourced employees, and agents for the job of issuing the documents, with over 12 machines that will work for the preparation of documents.

They also maintained schedules for passports at the post of PF in Campinas Shopping.

In October, a unit of PF was also inaugurated in Indaiatuba (SP), the Polo Shopping. The unit is located at the Mall of services and is the fourth service station outside headquarters.

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