Published on November 9, 2012, 5:06 pm

Viracopos Airport studying alternative for transportation of fuel

The concessionaire responsible for administering the Viracopos Airport in Campinas, is in talks with Petrobras to build a pipeline between Paulinia Refinery (Replan) and the airport. The pipeline would carry the kerosene used to supply aircraft to the airport, reducing the price of fuel and being an independent measure of road transport.

Just last year, the airport needed 300 million liters of kerosene.

Besides the growth in the flow of cheap Viracopos airport also receives aircraft that were planned for other destinations, when they are in trouble. Hence the need for more fuel than already scheduled.

This is only one alternative to improve the operation of the airport, making it increasingly agile and efficient. But the talks are only at the beginning.

The Paulinia Refinery should also expand its production according to the growth in passenger volume. The average of 80 million liters per year will spend 180 million over five years. It is expected that the works for the construction of new hydrotreating units of diesel and kerosene begin in late 2013.