Published on December 6, 2012, 11:08 am

Employee arrested in airport for rape and robbery

An official of the company that runs the airport Congonhas was caught red-handed by federal police for theft on the spot.

Due to growing complaints from passengers who had their luggage violated federal police intensified surveillance at the airport. Officers found in the boots of the employee, identified as RVSS, 26, rings, earrings and other jewelry that may have been stolen from a bag that was in the hold of an aircraft bound for João Pessoa.

After going through a search, also found a USB cable, for use of mobile phones inside the boy’s underwear. According to information from PF, thefts of this kind occur when loading luggage, and is becoming a common practice in airports worldwide.

R.V.S.S. is the third new dealership employee who is arrested for the crime of larceny by embezzlement, which can take from two to eight years in prison if convicted, plus fines.