Published on December 10, 2012, 12:47 pm

Dismissed employees go to court against Infraero

About 516 employees who provided auxiliary services at the airport of Viracopos seeking to enter a lawsuit against Infraero after his resignation in November, when the airport began to be privatized.

The decision was made by aviators after the audience without agreement between the labor union and Infraero.

The Ministry of Labor also studying part of the action, since there is evidence that Infraero has benefited the labor force of contractors, and the RCM Transport Services, outsourced company is unable to pay the R$ 5, 6 million, which represents back wages, contractual fines and FGTS. Infraero already transferred R$ 1.3 million to that debt can be paid.

According to the union’s lawyer, Luiz Carlos Merlin, with the lawsuit the amount to be paid by the state enterprise can be up to R$ 3 million.

Newsroom, with G1 Informations