Published on November 7, 2012, 3:58 pm

Viracopos Airport will buy equipment to move aircrafts

After the incident that left the Viracopos Airport in Campinas, closed to takeoffs and landings for 45 hours last month, the company responsible for managing the airport, Airports Consortium Brazil, decided to buy the equipment for the removal of defective aircraft. The accident led to a loss of $ 20 million and affected about 25,000 passengers.

Currently there is no law that requires airports to have equipment for these purposes, also called recovery kit, which includes inflatable mattresses to lift and balance aircraft. However, companies must deliver a solution to the problems as soon as possible.

The airport management company will invest $ 3 million for the purchase of this equipment, which should be available by early 2013.

Another measure that has been studied by the consortium, is the adaptation of the taxiway strip to receive flights. The track was already used to receive aircraft from small and medium, but a decision in 2006 of ANAC disabled it if it does not pass for improvements.

The project is being considered by the agency. The second runway at the airport, also under works project, should come into operation only in 2007.

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