Published on April 29, 2013, 5:34 pm

Justice requires possession of the area close to airport to the concessionaire

According to an injunction signed by Judge Maristela Oliveira Tavares de Faria, possession of an area located in neighborhoods Cidade Singer and Jardim Columbia in Campinas should be on the responsibility of the concessionaire managing the Viracopos airport. For the judge, the decision published on Wednesday (24) is of utmost necessity to avoid new actions invaders.

With the support of the Federal Police and Military, plates and fences were put in place in February, so that new families can not install themselves on site. However, according to the airport manager, the plates and fences were removed.

About 50 families are already living illegally in the area that should be used for the expansion of the airport. However, the decision does not determine the output of them, just gives the right of possession to the airport.

The dealership has issued a statement saying he was willing to negotiate a solution to the output of the families, so that the airport expansion can happen without any problems.