Published on November 6, 2012, 3:44 pm

Employees paralyze activities in the work of Viracopos airport

Staff working at the expanding airport Viracopos stopped their activities from the morning of Monday (05). The decision to strike came from a union representing employees.

The claims, according to the Union of Construction Heavy (Sintrapav), which is linked to labor force, are to participate in profit sharing (PLR), food stamps and health and dental plan.

On Thursday (31/10) of last week, a meeting had decided to paralyze activities for nonpayment, but the union itself has confirmed the deposit the same day.

According to the union construction Campinas region, also linked to CUT, they question the representativeness of the entity that initiated the shutdown and intend to appeal to the Labour Court to obtain the guarantee of a better representation for workers.

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