Published on February 28, 2013, 1:20 pm

Viracopos Airport is surrounded to prevent invasions

The Federal, Civil and Military Police began on Monday (25) a security operation at Viracopos International Airport, surrounding the entire area to prevent intrusions.

The goal is to prevent the land, that belongs to the Union, being again invaded and allotted or sold illegally.
Some residents of the invaded areas complain that they were not advised of reoccupation, and the walls are being torn down. According to the Concessionaire Viracopos Brasil, the walls are torn down on vacant lots, and many still had a plate of “sell”.

The reason for not informing the residents, according to the advice of the airport, was to prevent they had time to raise new brick houses, which could not be touched.

The land will be used for expansion of the airport and its surroundings is unsafe for housing due to aircrafts land and take off in the area and the noise generated by them.

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