Published on November 5, 2012, 5:26 pm

Airport passenger movement in Bauru-Arealva grows 90%

The movement of passengers at the airport Moussa Tobias, between Bauru and Arealva, had a 90% growth in passenger numbers and is already one of the leaders in cargo transportation. Only in September this year, the airport received 160,000 pounds to be transported.

The sum recorded since January, indicates that the airport has transported more than a thousand tons.
However, the growth in numbers does not indicate an immediate improvement in infrastructure. From January to September this year, about 136,000 people passed through the airport, while the figure was 71,000 last year.

Lack services such as libraries, adequate spaces for passengers wait, connecting to the Internet, phones etc.
However, since it opened in 2006, some improvements have been made​​. 3 airlines today are working at the site, creating more competitive pricing and attractive, increasing the movement of the spot.

Bids are being opened to companies that are setting up on site, improving services without the necessity of the airport be privatized.

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