Published on October 26, 2012, 3:19 pm

Security is enhanced by military police in Viracopos Airport

The mobile policing done by the military police on the roads that allow access to Viracopos International Airport in Campinas, is being reinforced after the theft on Tuesday (23), the biggest in the history of the airport.

The Military Police had been working with the Federal Police to ensure security inside the airport, but as this is now broaden and intensify patrolling routes that pass through the airport.

Yesterday was already made a meeting between the PM and the commander of the security manager of Infraero, for discussion of changes in the security of the terminal and the region in general. Changes must be taken to the Airport Security Commission (CSA).

The criminal activity occurred on Tuesday reached to deposit loads of TAM Cargo, where five men stormed the place and took a load of iPhones and iPads, valued at R$ 3.9 million. In escape the thieves also took the monitoring equipment and the car of an employee.