Published on October 25, 2012, 8:37 am

Safety Viracopos is topic of discussion

After the theft occurred on Oct. 23 at the cargo terminal of the International Airport of Guarulhos, the Military Police admits that a new and efficient security plan needs to be discussed.

A meeting between Infraero, the Federal Police, the companies working in the local and military police will be scheduled for discussion of the safety plan and the best way to put it into practice.

The Military Police is already patrolling the airport lounge in peak hours, though data show a 45% increase in burglaries and thefts at the site between January and August this year.

The number of cases that went from 235 to 341, involving robberies and thefts occurred in areas of the airport, including parking.

The company responsible for parking already contacted the consortium which has the concession to Viracopos to highlight the importance of investments in security.

One of the measures already announced, should be the installation of cameras and patrols.

Newsroom, with G1 information