Published on July 18, 2013, 1:19 pm

Passengers seek alternative to issuance of certificate of vaccination

Was suspended issuing of vaccines against yellow fever at the International Airport of Viracopos, Campinas. ANVISA has not commented on the reason for suspension and there is no provision for the return of the service being provided at the airport.
This certificate is required for international travel, especially for African countries South America and Asia, where the risk of contracting the disease is still greater.

With the suspension residents of neighboring towns are needing to go until the Congonhas and Guarulhos Airport since the posts of Campinas cater only to residents of the municipality.

Stations that offer the vaccine with the certificate in Campinas, are:

Health Center Faria Lima
Av Pref Faria Lima, 90 – Pq Italia
Phone: (19) 3274-1888

Health Center Barão Geraldo
Albino JB Oliveira avenue, 893 – Barão Geraldo
Phone: (19) 3289-9691

Health Center Capivari
Pe.Eustáquio Street, 229
Phone: (19) 3223-4533

Health Center Campos Elisios
Tancredo Neves avenue, 5101
Phone: (19) 3227-3811

Health Centre Jardim Aurelia
Licínia Teixeira de Souza avenue, 331 – Vila Proost Souza
Phone: (19) 3213-7822

Health Center Valencia
Street Natale Bertucci, 20 – Pq Valencia
Phone: (19) 3261-1800

Health Center Sousas
Street Conselheiro Anthonio Prado, 410, Vila Iório Souza
Phones: (19) 3258-1184

Health Center Sao Jose
Av José Carlos A. Galvão, 184 – Jd Sao. Jose
Phone: (19) 3229-9867

Health Center Christovao
Martinho Lutero Street, 121
Phone: (19) 3225-6228

Health Center Sao Quirino
Diogo Alvares avenue, 1450
Phone: (19) 3256-7243