Published on April 15, 2013, 9:19 am

Companies of airport sector are investing in Viracopos Airport

The dealership Airports Brazil Viracopos already announced the plan to transform the airport of Viracopos the largest complex in Latin America until 2038. A new terminal is being built and what is already in operation has received investments from other companies, such as Beumer Group, which will provide a new baggage handling system.

With the completion of works at the airport, Viracopos will become the only airport in Brazil with three lanes, two of which will operate simultaneously, besides counting with a aerotrópolis and high speed train.

These characteristics are what have attracted investments from several companies at the airport. Despite the world economy being stagnant, Brazil still offers opportunities, especially with its increasing number of passengers, which increases the demand for safety and ability to meet this figure. The Brazilian airports are in need of more advanced technologies, and companies such as Beumer have seen this need a good market.

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