Published on August 1, 2013, 12:43 pm

90 positions are open for training courses in Viracopos

Training courses will be offered at Viracopos International Airport thanks to a partnership of the terminal, located in Campinas, with the Municipal Foundation for Community Education (Fumec) and Vocational Education Center of Campinas.

The courses are aimed at training professional manpower that will work in the works to expand the airport, in the passenger terminal. There are 90 vacancies that will meet the functions of Mason, finishing painter and also commercial services humanized – and each sector will form a class of 30 people.

Interested parties should enroll in community Obra Social Dom Bosco Santa Rita or by phone (19) 3232-1340. Classes will start in the second half of August, and students will receive food vouchers and transportation (in the case of those who dwell more than two kilometers away from the training center).