Published on October 23, 2012, 5:13 pm

Thieves take iPhones and iPads of a TAM shed in Viracopos

A gang broke into the Viracopos International Airport early on Tuesday (23), armed with machine guns and pistols, to take a load of Apple company, who was in the TAM Cargo shed.

The cargo was valued at R$ 3.9 million, and contained mainly iPhones and iPads.
In escape, the thieves also took the security monitoring equipment and the car of an employee, who was found on the highway Santos Dumont.

A representative of TAM said the gang’s operation lasted about an hour and 35 minutes and no one was injured.
Infraero already stated that it is not responsible for the security of the site, once the street that gives access to the sheds are public and the safety inside of them is responsability of airlines companies.

The police report was registered on the 9th DP, and will be forwarded to the police station from Viracopos Airport. Research should remain under the care of the Police Station of Legal Investigations (DIG), which has a specialized team in these cargo thefts. So far, nobody has been arrested.

Newsroom, with  G1 informations