Published on November 27, 2012, 4:51 pm

Taxis are not operating in Viracopos because of a standoff with dealership

A standoff between the Municipal Development Company of Campinas (EMDEC), responsible for the traffic in the city, and the concessionaire which will administer the Viracopos airport the next 30 years has prevented taxis circulated by local executives.

The EMDEC held a raffle in 2011 giving 15 seats for executive taxis, 30% more expensive, however, more comfortable and safe. However, the company will offer the service declares its vehicles already prepared not come into operation for lack of marking of parking spaces and signage.

Jadiel Pereira de Souza, owner of the taxi company, says it is still more than two weeks in negotiation with EMDEC Airports and Brazil, but the utility does not release the markup. There is a disagreement between them, and if this is not resolved, the company will file a lawsuit in order to start the operations.

Even out of operation, who got the grant is paying six installments of R$ 15 thousand at EMDEC. Five cars are already paid for, according Jaciel Pereira.

Newsroom, with G1 informations