Published on January 7, 2013, 3:22 pm

350 cars park irregular daily in Viracopos

Approximately 350 vehicles park all day in places forbidden in Viracopos airport, from 8h to 18h, according to data provided by the airport concessionaire.

Starting this Monday (07), an educational campaign should be initiated to curb irregularities.

In Viracopos expansion project is the creation of over 4500 places to park, since one of the main complaints of users of the airport is the lack of vacancies.

According to his own dealership, cars and motorcycles parked in irregular places may be towed to a location inside the airport. However, vehicles will not be impounded and may be withdrawn on the same day.

The orientation is for drivers who park in Parking pocket “E” in front of the administrative building. Parking in prohibited places can endanger the safety of others, disrupts traffic and operation of the local airport.