Published on August 5, 2013, 3:03 pm

Study will indicate families affected by noises in Viracopos

The dealership Brazil Viracopos Airports will appoint a study to the number of families that may be affected by noise caused by the works of the airport expansion. The study will decide which households will need to adapt and what families need to temporarily change to other locations. The result should result in a report within 90 days.

According to Jonas Donizette (PSB), mayor of Campinas, no decision will be taken without prior discussion with the locals. The areas that have noise levels above 60 decibels already classified as “risky”.

According Ulysses Semeghini, Secretary of Planning of Campinas, other surveys related to noise from the airport have been made, but according to the new master plan done by ANAC last month, further studies will be needed to the settings. According to previous study, about seven thousand families need to be removed.