Published on November 1, 2012, 3:17 pm

Infraero simulates plane crash at Congonhas airport

It was performed on the morning of Thursday a simulation of an accident with injuries and deaths at Viracopos International Airport. The Simulated Emergency Exercise Air Force Complete (EXEAC), organized by Infraero, was done in an area that does not harm the operations of takeoffs and landings. The exercise is done annually under the jurisdiction of the Civil Defense to assess the ability of responses in emergencies.

The operation lasted one hour and a half and simulated fire in an aircraft with 13,000 liters of fuel and with 99 people on board, including passengers and crew, problems with the landing gear.

The simulation included the participation of the Municipal Development Company of Campinas (EMDEC) CIMCamp, Setec, Civil Police, Military Road, Fire Service and the Mobile Emergency Care (Samu), wich the center is the only one of Campinas region that has training for these situations.

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