Official Parking Lot

The parking lot of Viracopos has capacity for 1200 vehicles, with covered and uncovered spaces, and is located in the Centro Empresarial Viracopos, near the arrival terminal of the airport in Campinas.

Capacity: 1200 vehicles
Rodovia Santos Dumont, km 66 - Campinas - SP


  • Valet
  • Free shuttle


1st hour R$ 14,00
Up to 2h R$ 20,00
Up to 3h R$ 27,00
Up to 4h R$ 31,00
Up to 5h R$ 34,00
Up to 6h R$ 36,00
Up to 7h R$ 38,00
Up to 8h R$ 40,00
Up to 9h R$ 43,00
From 10h to 17h R$ 45,00
From 18h to 24 h - single price R$ 56,00